you are going to prepare a project plan that can be read by anyone and followed to carry out your quality improvement proposed project. In your plan, you will write an introduction paragraph stating the purpose of the project is…. You will describe the setting where the project will take place, and the target population. You can use the APA template provided and follow the questions on the grading rubric to guide your writing.

First- the goals- remember they have to be measurable and attainable to make sense.

Determine who needs to be on your interdisciplinary team to make the project happen: Actual persons without names from your facility. Describe the roles of each.

Then you need to make a protocol- step by step of what steps need to be done to carry out the project. During your literature search, you found best evidence articles, and you may have even read a toolkit for ideas

This way anyone reading the paper can figure out how to carry out your project. From your goals-  able to be measured, and from the evidence you thread into your paper- anyone can read the why do your project. This type of proposal will make administration take notice and see you are ready to start your project.

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