Professional Role Developement in nursing

Professionalism is the assimilation of knowledge and nursing skills integrated with dignity and respect for all human beings incorporating the assumptions and values of the professions while maintaining accountability and self-awareness.
This assignment critically analyzes how you incorporate these values into the roles and competencies of the baccalaureate-prepared nurse in the future. It is time to put your thoughts together about what the professional nurse’s roles are in our current health care system and how you see the future and your role.
As future leaders who are pursuing higher levels of education where are you going?
Use the following to address the areas included in this assignment.
Compare and contrast your own vision for the future of health care with what is currently occurring
Discuss your vision of nursing in your community, the nation, and the world/
What trends do you see impacting health care and the role of the professional nurse?
Who are you going to be as the professional by 2025

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