Professional Development Plan

Nursing Role of the Future: Assessment, Reflection and Goal Attainment


For this assignment, the student will write a paper using APA format. A title page and reference page are required.  Use the headings that are “Bold” print in this assignment description. Use page numbers as required by APA.


For this assignment, you will use both assessment and reflection to develop a plan for your future nursing career. Masters writes that, “Critical thinking uses reflection.  Reflective thinking is deliberate thinking and careful consideration.  It is the process of analyzing, making judgments, and drawing conclusions.  Reflective thinking involves creating an understanding through one’s experiences and knowledge and exploring potential alternatives—assessing what you know, what you need to know, and how to bridge the gap (2020, p. 133).


Suggested Headings are in bold 

Current Status

Write a paragraph which describes your current professional role as a nurse.  Discuss where you went to nursing school and when you graduated.  Identify where you now work and what your nursing role is.


Novice to Expert

Using Patricia Benner’s theory and model, “From Novice to Expert, identify the level of nurse that best fits you at this time.  Explain why you chose this level according to Benner’s theory.

Use the link below to access an article on Benner’s theory.




Nursing of the Future: Nursing Core Competencies

Refer to the discussion and model on pages 122-125 of your Masters’ textbook.

The Massachusetts Department of Higher Education collaborated with nursing leaders in the state to develop this list of 10 core competencies for nurses of the future.  The process combined competencies from the American Nurses Association (ANA), the American Academy of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), the National League of Nursing (NLN), the Institute of Medicine (IOM), Quality and Safety in Nursing (QSEN), and the Inner Disciplinary Education Collaborative (IPEC) into a common list of 10 items. 


The model demonstrates that nursing knowledge is at the center of the wheel.  The 10 competencies surround the hub and shows that the energy flows both ways between acquiring knowledge and influencing further development of the competency itself.  This knowledge influences both nursing practice and the nursing practice environment which form the inner and outer rims of the wheel respectively.  The 10 competencies identified in this model are: 



System-based practice

Teamwork and Collaboration

Evidence-Based Practice

Quality Improvement






Conduct a self-assessment as it applies to the 10 core competencies for the nurse of the future.

Copy the core competency name and its corresponding definition from pp. 123-124 of your textbook.

Following each competency definition, reflect where you are in your career in terms of development of this competency. Write a narrative explaining your experiences with this competency.

Project into your future and discuss what development is still needed for yourself i.e. describing the gap (the difference of where you are verses where you need or want to be.)  Example: you are a novice based on your self-assessment and Benner’s definition of the term and you want to become an expert in the future based on Benner’s definition.) 






Patricia Benner. (1982). From novice to expert. The American Journal of Nursing82(3), 402. (Links to an external site.)

The MA Nursing Core Competencies: A toolkit for implementation in education and practice. (Links to an external site.)

Masters, Kathleen. (2020). Role Development in Professional Nursing Practice (5thed.) Jones & Bartlett Learning

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