This assignment asks you to produce a research-based essay on something you use/consume routinely in your daily life. This can be a food item, a type of fuel, or something more durable, such as an article of clothing or an electronic device. The possibilities are limitless. Your job is to account as thoroughly as possible for this item’s contribution to your overall ecological footprint. To do this, you will need to research information such as where it comes from, how and by whom it is made, the origins of its raw material inputs, packaging, and how (and how far) it travels to reach you. You will also want to account for what happens to this item when you finish with it. Your essay should relate explicitly to principles and practices of sustainability as explored in this course. Essays must consider both the item’s physical impact on the earth and the positive and/or negative impacts the item has on human communities involved in and affected by its production, transport, and/or disposal. You must choose to emphasize either the physical or the social, rather than both. You are expected to also convey an awareness of the other’s impacts (i.e., if you focus on the physical, you must convey an awareness of the social, and vice-versa). All essays should also explore and address more sustainable alternatives to the item under consideration.

i will send the topic and attach what is needed which is topic 1 

Topic Exploration (posted to Blackboard by 11:59 on 9/30)—Preliminary list of sources (at least six per topic) and reflection on two possible topics. Two double-spaced pages, 20 points possible.

Topics Exploration (20 points) Criteria Comments Points Topic 1 (8 points) Topic clearly defined Exploration of pros Exploration of cons 6 properly cited sources Topic 2 (8 points) Topic clearly defined Exploration of pros Exploration of cons 6 properly cited sources Format (4 points) Composition/grammar Length Total points (out of 20)

please follow the rubric 

topics; teddy bears 


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