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Nursingtermpaper.com has a privacy policy that is meant to govern and protect data that is provided by the client to the company. This policy will change from time to time to ensure smooth working between us and our clients. It is therefore important that the client reads through and keep checking if there are any changes.

From time to time, we will require that our client shares with us certain personal information such as the name, email address etc. all this information is necessary for the use and access of our services. We believe that the information you share with us is meant for us only. We normally require the information to help us supply our product and services to our clients as well as ensuring that we have identified with you when you contact us. We use the information we get from you to contact you where necessary.

All payments are handled by PayPal which is the only transacting company that will receive details on clients’ credit cards. We don’t take any information shared with us for granted; we are bound to protect it from leaking or from getting accessed by any other party. However, the company is not liable for any data that has leaked as a result of the client. It is therefore important to ensure that you also keep your accounts details remain protected at all time. In case we suspect something is wrong with your account, we will send an email to you and ask you to visit your account and possibly change your password.

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