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The tension between theoretical criteria and actual criteria can be seen acutely in the debate surrounding teacher performance appraisal. Student success is not part of the teacher’s job description, yet it is an actual outcome criterion that many lawmakers and citizens believe is implied in the teacher’s role. In this assignment you will use your critical thinking skills to analyze the debate on this issue.

Consider this fictional scenario: As an expert in I/O psychology, you have been invited to give a presentation at your State Senate hearings regarding teacher appraisal and accountability. Lawmakers are considering a bill which directly ties teacher compensation and retention to student grades on standardized tests. Using the principles of performance appraisal, and based on the information in the outside sources, prepare a paper that presents your studied viewpoint on teacher job appraisal and compensation. Include suggestions for training that might help teachers meet the theoretical and/or actual criteria that you argued for in you presentation. increase teacher performance on both theoretical and actual criteria.

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