SECOND SENTENCE OF PAPER  Lamentably, this theme is very regularly covered in disarray and falsehood. While examining this matter, it’s vital to remember some fundamental truths. 

Instead of this paper on prayer, you will have until tomorrow morning (Monday, 1/18) at 10am *EAST COAST TIME* to complete a 5 page academic paper on another topic. What I want you to do is take the second sentence in your current paper and turn it into an academic discussion. You talk about how the argument about prayer in schools might be supported by fallacies or illogical arguments. What I want you to do is use all the sources required 
for our class (on the class materials page) 
to prove to me you know how to write an academic paper on the following topic:If a student wanted to write a paper about prayer in schools, what skills learned from critical thinking, general education, and global citizenship would that student use to do the reasearch and write the paper? In other words, instead of writing a paper about prayer in schools, I want you to instead write a paper 
explaining the research and writing process one should take if they were going to write a paper on that topic that didn’t have logical fallacies or unsupported documentation.
 In other words, you are explaining what critical thinking is, what research is, and how to assess a topic or concept using the perspectives of global citizenship and academic support.

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