For the system you presented for your Project Kickoff, the system is Computerized Disease Registry System and Health Information Exchange. there is powerpoints attached that I already presented to the class it will help you to do the work. Also there is example for other student’s work to give you an idea.

write a succinct (fewer than 1200 words) change management plan for the deployment of the system. Organize your plan as you see fit but be sure to include: Use subtitle for this >>

A vision of the future

A plan for engaging stakeholders

A plan for ensuring leadership and high-functioning multidisciplinary teams

How you will communicate and educate

How you will anchor changes in organization culture

How you will evaluate the new system and measure success

Importantly, you need to mention What is the clinical problem that will be solved by the system? It is best to ground the plan in a specific workflow or use case. Who are the users of the system, eg ICU doctors providing frontline care in a hospital, pharmacist reconciling medication orders for an outpatient clinic?

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