15 page paper excluding cover page,table of contents, abstract and references.
part 1: overview and cultural background of population group- the population group is the minority elderly popultaion. examine key characteristics culural traditions, beliefs and values, attitudes toward health care. discuss identified health care needs and concerns specific to the minority elderly including predispositions toward any diseases or health care issues. define the health care need or concern that you have chosen to base your professional development on and discuss the implications of each area to this need.
part 2: application of transcultural nursing theory:
explain how you will use transcultural nursing theory as a framework for your professional development program; evaluate how the identified health care need is being met by current health care system; assess what cultural and traditional needs are not currently being met by the health care system; assess how culturally competent communication and collaboration can be promoted among health care workers.
Part 3: plan for implementation of professional development in-service program
discuss how you would implement this professional development program including a time frame; identify resources needed, including personnel if needed; analyze influences of support and challenges for implementation of this program in this practice setting; strategize how you can overcome obstacles and challenges and maximize strengths and opportunities; discuss a plan for evaluation of your professional development program.

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