Topic: Personalsim, Human Nature, and Health Care 


We consider Personalist and Thomistic/Aristotelian ethic, which grounds moral norms in personal dignity and human nature and conceives of Ethics as centered on human flourishing and the good life. In our reading of Kavanaugh, we encounter the suggestion that there is a modern trend to reduce the human person or even eliminate him, de-personalizing the human being by making him a machine. But without persons, there could be no ethics. McGinn’s article proposes that personhood is simply a function that not all humans have. In our readings of MacIntyre we encountered very broad considerations about what is the nature of human flourishing, and what are the conditions that are required for humans to flourish. While these broad considerations do not directly address specific issues that arise in standard discussions of Health Care Ethics, they are well-suited to help us ask extremely important questions the answers to which are presupposed by any approach to Health Care Ethics.

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