Preparing the Personal Philosophy of Nursing Paper

Read the attached article: 

A Personal Nursing Philosophy in Practice


  1. Use the outline in Chapter 3, p.116, “Guide for Writing a Personal Philosophy Nursing” in the textbook by of Masters (2020) as a guide as you write your personal philosophy of nursing. The paper should be 5-6 typewritten double spaced pages (excluding title and reference pages). The paper should address the following using Level I headings:

Introduction–includes who you are and where you practice nursing (Conforming to appropriate APA formatting guidelines using the title of the paper)

Definition of Nursing

Assumptions or Underlying Beliefs

Link to an article from AACN concerning assumptions and beliefs:

Definitions and examples of the major domains of nursing (Access the “Clarification” document below for additional information on the subject of “Domains.”

Clarification of Module 5 Writing Assignment.docx


  • How are the domains connected?
  • What is your vision of nursing for the future?
  • What are the challenges that you will face as a nurse?
  • What are your goals for professional development?

2. The paper will be graded on the quality of information, use of citations, use of standard English grammar, sentence structure, overall organization based on the required components as summarized in the directions, grading criteria, and rubric. Follow the directions and grading criteria closely. Any questions about this paper should be directed to the course faculty.

3. APA format is required with both a title page and reference page. Use the required components of the review as Level 1 headers (upper and lower case, centered).

4. When your assignment is complete, save and close the document.  

Attach your Module 5 Writing Assignment to the link below:

Module 5: Assignment — Personal Philosophy (SLO 3, 6, 7, & 8)


This assignment is worth a total of 100 points.  See attached directions and grading  rubric.

NRP 470-Personal Philosophy of Nursing Paper Updated Grading Rubric 10-29-19 KP-1.docx



Marchuk, A. (2014). A personal nursing philosophy in practice. Journal of Neonatal Nursing. 20, pages 266-273. DOI 10.106/j.jnn.2014.06.004

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In this paper, you will think about nursing, as we know it today. Develop your own definition and philosophy of nursing.

The focus of this paper is on the application of your philosophy on the concepts of person, environment, nursing and health. A brief description of the components of your philosophy should be presented in this paper in an organized and systematic manner. The content should flow and be easy to read. It will be graded on APA format, correct grammar and spelling. This paper should be no more than 4 pages long. There really is no right or wrong philosophy

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