Personal Health Behavior Change Reflection

  1. Part One: Students will reflect on their current health behaviors.
    1. Include the following within your assignment:
      1. A one-week journal of all activities, including food intake, exercise, etc.
      2. 2 -3 pages, double spaced, of behavioral reflection
        1. Should also include behaviors you wish you work on or change
  2. Part Two: After completing your Instagram project, reflect on how this project changed, or didn’t change, your health behavior
    1. Include the following in your assignment:
      1. Reflection of goals made from first behavior change reflection
      2. Behaviors that were influenced or changed by the project
      3. 2 – 3 pages, double spaced, of behavioral reflection

        Only need to work on part two! I post both part for you to understand better. The Instagram project was required us post 3 photos per week about our healthy or unhealthy behaviors, and all of the eight dimensions of wellness must be included.

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