I have a journal critique 3-4 pages on homelessness.

GUIDELINES FOR JOURNAL ARTICLE REPORTS (should be related to your case presentation)


To continue the development of a professional self through the use of professional material.

To expand the student’s current professional perspectives

To develop professional autonomy through use and refinement of assessment and communication skills.

Each student will present a journal article during the course of the integrative seminar. The articles are to be selected from professional social work journals. See class schedule for due dates.

Reports should include the following:

Provide biographical data – identify the source, author, title and year of selected article.

State your initial reason(s) for selecting the article. Reasons could be personal, instructional, professional, etc.

Summarize the basic concepts/ideas presented in the article. Where applicable, state how these concepts link or relate to concepts you have learned during your prior social work courses.

Discuss relevant practice applications of the identified concepts.

Critique and evaluate the article. That is, assess the purpose, content, methodology (e.g. research soundness, usefulness, contribution to social work knowledge, etc.)

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