EXAMPLE: ( YOU CAN MAKE UP THE Pedigree Chart Analysis)

After completing the pedigree chart I have learned a lot about my family tree. My grandmother (M.B.) has had osteoporosis since she was in her early 40’s. My mother (D.B.) was diagnosed with osteoporosis when she turned 50 years old. My grandmother and mother suffer from back pain, have a stooped posture, and can easily break or fracture a bone. They must be very cautious to not fall as this can break a bone. Since my grandmother and mother both express this gene, I have a much higher risk of getting osteoporosis. Although, there is a genetic predisposition, a poor lifestyle can also cause this disease. To avoid osteoporosis I should exercise daily, make sure I am consuming enough calcium, drink a low consumption of alcohol, and avoid tobacco use (Mayo Clinic, 2019). I should also make sure these lifestyle choices are enforced when I have children as well, especially if I have a daughter, since osteoporosis is more common in females.

My grandfather (J.B.), uncle (J.B.), and brother (J.F.) all have hyperlipidemia. My grandfather and uncle discovered they have high cholesterol when they were in their 30’s, and my brother found out when we was 18 years old. My grandfather, uncle, and brother have no symptoms from hyperlipidemia, but fatty, yellow deposits around the eyes and joints can occur in some people (Mayo Clinic, 2019). Since. The risk of me having this disease is high due to hyperlipidemia being carried down in every generation of my family. Therefore, it is important for me to get my lipids checked frequently by my primary care provider, eat a heart healthy diet, exercise daily, maintain a healthy body weight, and avoid smoking. If I have children in the future I should also make sure to monitor their lipid levels while also making sure they have a healthy lifestyle.

Both of my paternal grandparents died from heart disease. My grandmother died when she was 50 years old and my grandfather when he was 45 years old. My father (J.F.) was diagnosed with heart disease after he had a myocardial infarction at the age of 45. My father has no symptoms of heart disease now due to having two stents placed, and also while taking medications such as a beta-blocker, anticoagulants, and statins. Symptoms of undiagnosed heart disease in men are chest pain, shortness of breath, diaphoresis, and pain in neck, jaw, or upper back. Women present with different symptoms, such as nausea, extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, and chest pain (Mayo Clinic, 2019). Due to both of my grandparents dying from heart disease and my father also having heart disease, I have a high risk of developing the disease as well. It is vital that I maintain a healthy lifestyle by not smoking, eat a healthy diet that’s low in fat, sugar, and cholesterol, exercise daily, exert stress in healthy ways, and get my cholesterol, blood pressure, and lipids checked by my primary care provider frequently. It is also be aware of the symptoms of heart disease seen in women.

My aunt (N.B.) and my cousin (G.Z.) suffer from anxiety. Both were diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder in their teenage years. My aunt and cousin experience symptoms such as feeling nervous, having an increase heart rate, panic attacks, sweating, trembling, constantly worrying, and trouble sleeping. There is little known about the heredity patterns in anxiety disorders, but there is a genetic link. Due to this running in my family it is important for me, my brother, and cousin to try to prevent or minimize anxiety symptoms by staying active, avoid alcohol and drug use, and to get help early when we suspect something is wrong (Mayo Clinic, 2019). If anxiety issues occur and it is not properly treated problems can arise such as depression, substance abuse, insomnia, chronic pain, social isolation, and suicide.

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