The third and final stage of the assignment. Value 15%. 


In the third and final stage of the assignment, you will APPLY the principles of learning that you outlined in your plan. You are expected to apply the plan and observe your behaviour for AT LEAST five days.


You will again be collecting detailed observations about the behaviour itself, the rewards and punishments applied, as well as any antecedents and consequences that you are controlling, avoiding, or retraining – that are part of your plan. 

Through this process, you should be able to see whether your plan was successful by examining the frequency of the behaviour now compared to its frequency earlier this term.

 In the report, you should also evaluate your program by indicating what went well, what was challenging, and what, in retrospect, you would do differently if you were to attempt to change your behaviour again.


In your essay-style REPORT (approximately 5 pages, double-spaced, NOT including title page, chart, etc) you are expected to:

1) Describe the target behaviour, your initial observations, and your final behaviour modification plan after addressing any recommendations I made to the earlier phases of the assignment (Observe behaviour and Plan a change). Even though you\’ve already written about them in earlier stages of the assignment, you need to summarize these points for your final report.


2) Discuss the implementation of the program. Describe the main steps you took, how it felt, how often you were rewarding or punishing the behaviour, and any issues about the antecedents and consequences of the behaviour.


3) Directly compare the data you collected during the Observe phase to the data at the end of the program in the Apply stage.


4) Critically evaluate the program by discussing what went well and what you would change if you were to run the program again in the future.


5) Conclude whether the plan worked to change your behaviour and whether or not you think it was successful.


6)  Finally, please include a numeric summary and comparison of the two sets of data using graph(s), chart(s), and/or table(s).


Please know that you will NOT be graded on whether or not your plan was successful, but on how thoughtfully you completed the above steps!


Grades will be allocated as follows:

/3 – Introduction and summary of previous two assignments

/3 – Description of plan\’s implementation

/2 – Direct comparison of baseline and program levels of the target behaviour

/3 – Critical evaluation

/1 – Conclusion

/1 – Chart/graph comparing baseline and program data

/2 – Grammar, spelling, organization, proper citations (if/when necessary), and Reference page

Total – 15 marks

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