There are several benefits of the new nursing technologies not only to nurses but to other individuals in the society as well. Patient safety and quality of health care are the major trends that have promoted advancements in nursing technology. National Quality Indicator Database is one of the illustrations of a program that helps in tracing nurses’ influence on patient care results.

This databank of nurse-subtle pointers, with data from close to 1, 000 hospitals, is one of the many that indicates nurses’ significance in the provision of safe, high-quality care for each person. As a consequence of this quality push, more and more technologies are being increasingly developed to improve the quality of services offered to patients.

The outburst of medical technological advancements has resulted in countless life-saving and life-improving innovations and inventions, encompassing spare body parts stretching from knees to thumbs and theatrically enhanced instruments and diagnostics.

With these technological innovations, medical devices are becoming more accurate, easy to use, and cost-effective. Currently, nurses spend less time with patients on issues that can be done remotely. Gathering and accessing information about a patient is a matter of seconds.

Robotics has been employed in tight areas to improve on the precision of the services offered. Incorporation of new nursing technologies has decreased the shortage of nurses in hospitals. Even though new technological innovations and inventions have several benefits and drawbacks, the key idea behind the invention of new technologies is to make a certain task easier to conduct. Technology makes work easier, faster, more effective, and better.

Concurrently, technologies utilized in the world’s healthcare systems are more advanced compared to those utilized in other industries. Spendings in healthcare provisions continue to grow due to the advanced technologies applicable within the system.

As a strength, there is comprehensive information on the amounts of money that the governments have spent on technology in healthcare. This has noted the impact of technology on the improvement of healthcare in the world. Technology has contributed to the development of new ways of treating diseases that were previously untreatable.

Additionally, it has improved ways of managing chronic diseases. Medical technology basically refers to the methods, tools, machines, and processes that are used in the provision of medical care. For example, the advanced technology used in healthcare in the US has enabled the discovery of new procedures in treatment methods and improved the clinical process.

Concurrently, several factors are at play in determining whether this technology will improve the state of healthcare provision or not. Some of these factors may include the achievements of the technology and whether it supplements or substitutes the already existing technology. One reason that has influenced the use of high technology in healthcare in the world is consumer demand.

Another reason is that health insurers have invested a lot in medical technology in the US in terms of funding innovators of new technology. The desire of medical practitioners to use new technology in the treatment of diseases has also led to the use of high technologies in healthcare.


It is vital to agree that new nursing technologies have changed the nursing industry by creating safer, efficient, and improved healthcare services. However, even though nursing technologies continue to advance, some of the fundamentals of health care will remain. These principles include supporting patients, monitoring the healing process of patients, and, most significantly, providing them with care as human beings.

As new technologies continue to emerge, nurses will have to embrace the benefits as well as challenges that come along with them. However, it is evident that new nursing technologies have really impacted positively on the provision of quality, safe, and efficient health care service.

This has tremendously improved the lives of not only patients but also nurses, who presently find it easy to offer their services in a shorter time. This is a critical provision in the context of technological advancements and improved service delivery in the healthcare sector.

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