A nursing orientation program is a two-way thing; both the authorities and the new staff nurse have roles.

It will help if you don’t leave everything to only the providers.

Here are some tips to help you maximize an orientation program:

School of Nursing Teaches Just the Basics

Many stakeholders have testified that the nursing school doesn’t teach comprehensive concepts you need in the real world.

Thus, you must take advantage of the learning opportunity orientation programs offered to you.

Don’t assume that you’ve learned everything during your BSN program.

Such a mentality will deprive you of authentic learning opportunities.

Even if you’ve earned an MSN, there are still many things to learn during an orientation program.

Your nursing education is incomplete without undergoing an orientation program.

Orientation is demanding

Be mentally prepared for the energy-sapping nature of an orientation exercise.

At some point, it will look as if you’re sinking but don’t freight; it’s part of the process.

It is even more demanding when you’re in a critical care unit.

It will look as if you’ve never gone through nursing education before.

Don’t be discouraged, but be passionate and active through every learning process.

Education Will Bring You Thus Far

Earning a distinction in your BSN program will only give you the job, but you need more than A’s in the classroom to execute the task properly.

Nursing orientation will empower you with the nursing abilities to carry out your duties.

Ask Questions

The essence of an orientation program is to teach you.

Even if you had an excellent result in your diploma, you still don’t know it all.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Make the program interactive by asking questions on any grey area.

The more questions you ask, the more enlightened you become.

Ask your mentor if you don’t know how to complete a task.

Remember that the orientation program isn’t infinite, so take advantage of the opportunity you have now to learn well.

Observe Well

While asking questions is good, it is even more profitable to observe.

Take note of how your preceptor cares for patients and carries out clinical procedures.

Pay attention to as much nursing care as you can.

It doesn’t matter if the patient isn’t yours.

No knowledge is a waste.

As you observe, you’ll learn many things that will be useful for you in the future.

Focus on Your Leaning

The essence of the program is to learn, and nothing should distract you from doing the needful.

Before completing the program, ensure you know the names of drugs in your unit or floor, how to use them, and their adverse effects.

You’ll only find nursing practice fulfilling if you know more than before the orientation exercise.

Distractions will come, but you must be resolute to shove them off.

Don’t Be Too Docile

You shouldn’t answer ‘yes’ to every request.

There are times to say emphatically, “No.”

Don’t be shy to turn down tasks or requests that do not align with your purpose.

People will unapologetically take undue advantage of you if you turn yourself into a doormat.

You’ll be the loser at the end of the day.

Speak Up

If there’s anything you’re not feeling good about, open up to the authorities.

If your mentor isn’t giving you the desired value, report to the authorities for a change.

Keep speaking until you get what best fits you!   


We discussed the nursing orientation exercise in this piece.

We explained the meaning and types of orientation programs.

The article emphasized the importance of an orientation program for effective and quality service delivery in the healthcare sector.

Nursing students and newly graduated students must be intentional about their orientation exercises.

They should be particular about the value and what they intend to learn for future service delivery.

You should ask questions about the orientation exercise of a facility after a job interview to know if it’s right for you or not.

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