The purpose of this paper is to review one theorist in depth and apply their theory to nursing practice.  Students are to choose a nursing theorist, grand or mid-range.  Sign up at the Pinned Discussion site.  No more than two students can use the same theorist.  The paper should be written in a professional style, typed (8-12 pages, excluding appendices), grammatically correct, and in APA format. The paper will be evaluated using the Theorist Clinical Application Paper. Using the evaluation sheet as a guide to writing the paper would be the strongest way to organize it; use the categories as guides to each section, making certain to cover in your writing each point identified in the grading rubric. In the past, students have chosen to include a lot of background of theorist, because it is easy to find.  Please note a few points are assigned to that portion, which should be mostly about theoretical influences that influenced development of current theory. You are limited in pages, so be sure to spend the most of theory description/explanation/application.  Please consult the rubric as you are writing the paper.


Theoriest: Ida Jean Orlando

Nursing Theory: Nursing Process

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