MONDAYBONUS QUESTION: what are a few of the worldviews of Buddhism?

TUESDAYBONUS QUESTION: In the Surangama, how does Buddha describes Nirvana?

WEDNESDAY BONUS QUESTION: the notion of “non-self,” emphasized in the teachings of the Buddha, has frequently been misinterpreted by Westerners . . . Namely is “atheistic” or “nihilistic” because of this misinterpretation. What does that particular limitation come from do you suppose?

THURSDAYBONUS QUESTION: What is the primary focus of Theravada? Explain.

FRIDAYBONUS QUESTION: Through the teachings of Bodhi dharma, he emphasizes the importance of discovering one’s own “original mind” and “true nature.” These teachings have remained staples of Zen practice to this day. Why do you suppose then Buddhism has survived for so long?

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