please do not take this question if you are not transportation engineer .

my question is:

Newell’s Simplified Car-Following Models
Newell’s car-following model is a simplified discrete-time car-following model, a brief introduction of Newell’s model . To accomplish the term paper, you need to review Newell (2002) and its later extensions. In your own words, describe the model assumptions, formulations, how the model works, limitations, and how the limitations can be relieved.
  You need to cite all related literatures appropriately in the paper, attach a list of references at the end of your submittal
 Focus on what you can understand, do not simply copy and paste
 Your term paper should not exceed 5 pages (double-sided).
  The list of papers is provided as below, feel free to review and discuss other relevant papers as needed.
Newell, G. (2002). A simplified car-following theory: a lower order model. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 36(3), 195-205.
Ahn, S., Cassidy, M. J. & Laval, J. (2004). Verification of a simplified car-following theory. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 38(5), 431-440.
Laval, J. & Leclercq, L. (2010). A mechanism to describe the formation and propagation of stop-and-go waves in congested freeway traffic. Philosophical transactions, Series A, Mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences, 368, No. 1928, 4519-4541.
Chen, D., Laval, J., Zheng, Z. & Ahn, S. (2012). A behavioral car-following model that captures traffic oscillations. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 46(6), 744-761.
Sources for Literature Review
 Transportation Research Board (TRB) publication index
 Transportation Research, Part B
 Transportation Research, Part C
 Transportation Research, Part D
 IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems (IEEE ITS)
 Journal of ITS
 Journal of Transportation Engineering
 Other online resources

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