This project is a selective attention experiment that needs to be completed.

This week, please begin creating a rough draft of your PowerPoint presentation that you will use to present your project. 

Slide 1- Title, name, graphic/picture (3 pts.)

Slide 2- Purpose (2 pts.)

Slide 3- Background information (5 pts.)

Slide 4- Hypothesis (3 pts.)

Slide 5- Materials (2 pts.)

Slide 6- Procedural steps in numeric order (5 pts.)

Slide 7- Set Up (pictures of how you set up your experiment) (2 pts.)

Slide 8- Recording Data (sample of a blank data table that you will use to record your data) (3 pts)

-Finish the PowerPoint Presentation by creating an Analysis slide (slide 9), a Conclusion slide (slide 10), and a Discussion slide (slide 11). Your bibliography will remain your last slide 

Slide 12- Bibliography in APA Formatting (5 pts.)

– Analysis slide(s): If you recorded numeric data, you will need to make a graph that appropriately depicts your data and place the graph on this slide. If you collected a lot of different kinds of data, you can make more than one graph. Whether or not you collected quantitative data, you will need to compare/contrast your data in a written description.

-Conclusion slide: You will need to restate your hypothesis and say whether or not your data supports your hypothesis based on the data you collected. As with other assignments in this course, please do not use the word ‘prove’ in your conclusion.

-Discussion slide: Please describe all the errors you may have made while doing this experiment and how it can be improved for the future. Please also describe at least 2 extensions (variations) of this experiment that can be done in the future.

Now that your presentation is over, please compose a formal lab report for your project. Follow the formal lab report guidelines that you have used throughout the semester. Essentially, you will be adding the results, analysis, and conclusion to the original paper. A rubric has been provided to help you, please review your report with the rubric before submission.


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