1 which of the following rules would apply to CaCO3

metal+ polyatomic anion

metal cation+(roman numeral valence)+nonmetal anion(-ide)

polyatomic cation+ nonmetal anion(-ide)

metal cation+nonmetal anion(-ide)

2 what is correct name of the compund Pb(NO3)2

lead (ll)nitrate

lead nitrate



3 what is the name of the compound CaCl2


calcium chlorine


calcium chloride

4 in a compound that contains monoatomic ions, which of the following gets named first

the roman numereral of the valence number

the anion

the nonmetal

the metal

5 what type of compound is iron(lll)oxide

transition metal ionic compound with nonmetal anion

group A metal ionic compoundwith nonmetal anion

group A metal ionic compound with polyatomic anion

transistion metal ionic compound with polyatomic anion

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