Pprofessional Profile Presentations: Each student is assigned a health care profession to profile. Your profession will be orthotists and prosthetist                        

Professional Profile Professional Profile Presentation “Bullet-Points”: 

Using the “Bureau of Labor Statistics” website, www.BLS.gov, ,present the following information about your assigned profession to the class (w/ 1 page copy for each student.):

1.  What is the profession’s scope of practice? 

2.  What is the basic education required for the designated health profession?  (e.g. Associates Degree, Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral)

3.  If there is licensure or certification required for the profession, what governing body issues licensure/certification and what are the requirements to obtain and maintain it? 

4.  What is the average annual salary for the profession?  Especially in NYC

5.  What is the projected outlook/growth for the profession?

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