1. Choose a nursing theory different from what has been used in previous assignments.  THEORY OF HUMAN CARING BY JEAN WATSON AND THEORY OF NURSING BY ANNE BOYKEN/SAVINA SCHOENHOFER HAVE BEEN USED ALREADY
  2. Evaluate the nursing theory using the evaluation and analysis tool MSN 600 Module 4 Discussion student Revised 1-1-23SN.docx Download MSN 600 Module 4 Discussion student Revised 1-1-23SN.docx and post the tool within the Discussion Board.
  3. Discuss difficulties that may be encountered when applying the selected theory to practice.
  4. Discuss what you have learned from analyzing this theory.
  5. After you complete your analysis, rank the theory and its application to nursing practice. Use a Likert scale to rank your theory from 1-5 (1. extremely applicable, 2. applicable, 3. somewhat applicable, 4. difficult, 5. extremely difficult).  Provide a rationale for the Likert score selected. 
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