Module 08 Homework Assignment

· Use the information presented in the module folder along with your readings from the textbook to answer the following questions.

  1. What are the different      portals of entry for a pathogen to enter the body?

2. Define the following disease categories:

1. Endemic –

2. Sporadic –

3. Epidemic –

4. Pandemic –

3. Describe the difference between innate immunity and adaptive immunity. Which type of immunity is specific and typically longer lasting?

  1. Differentiate between      active and passive types of immunity. Which type of immunity is long      lasting and which is short lasting?
  2. Discuss the five (5) different classes of      vaccines used in active immunity.
  3. Define and differentiate      between hypersensitivity reactions and autoimmune disease. Gives an example of hypersensitivity      reaction and an example of an autoimmune disease: 

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