A.  Florence Nightingale focused her nursing works on 13 canons.  Please indicate the strengths and limitations of her work in relation to your nursing practice today.

B. Based on the material included in this unit, what do you think Nightingale’s response would be to the part of nursing practice that is quality improvement based? 

C. The BSN Nursing Program at NKU has as part of its foundation, the identification of 7 core concepts:  Caring, Communication, Critical Thinking, Role Competence, Professionalism and Cultural Competence, Research.  Which of these concepts do you believe were expressed in Nightingale’s Environmental model?  How were they expressed?  How could she have improved upon her model?

D.  Choose one of the grand theories which you read about this week and describe two ways in which this theory is similar and two ways in which theory is different from Nightingale’s model of nursing.

Book: Theoretical Basis for Nursing 5th Ed, Wolters Kluwer Chapters 6-9

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