I like how this website explained the causes of social loafing. Social loafing happens according to research when individuals often feel like their contributions don’t matter, and therefore, they decrease their effort and contributions. Two other common reasons given for social loafing are the ‘sucker effect’ and the ‘free-rider effect.’ The sucker effect refers to the tendency of people to try and avoid feeling like a ‘sucker’ by waiting to see how much effort others will put into a group first. These are people who often feel that the other group members will leave them to do all the work. The school group that we discussed earlier is a good example of this. If all the group members try to avoid being the sucker, then each person’s effort will be significantly diminished. (http://education-portal.com/academy/lesson/social-loafing-social-facilitation-definition-and-effects-of-groups.html#lesson)

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