By Day 7 of Week 9, submit an 8- to 10-page research policy brief that synthesizes the following:

  • Title page and Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary
  • Part 1: Introduction
    1. Identify your audience
    2. Articulate the public health issue
    3. Provide evidence that justifies this as a public health issue
      • Identify the level of interest
      • Describe the population(s) affected
  • Part 2: Multidisciplinary Impacts
    1. Laws and policies
    2. Epidemiology and medicine
    3. Economics
    4. Politics
    5. Ethics
  • Part 3: Analysis and Recommendations
    1. Explain how current policy could be adapted (or new policy created) to address the public health issue
    2. Critique the merits of current interventions
    3. Propose and support an alternative intervention
    4. Explain limitations to your recommendations
  • Part 4: Conclusion
    1. Explain the need for the audience to address the public health problem
    2. Reiterate the action you want the audience to take
  • APA reference page

Reference the scholarly articles that you used in your policy brief.

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