The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) identified 10 key revenue cycle performance measures. Choose three of the following performance measures/benchmarks identified by the HFMA. Based on your readings, indicate how improvement in the benchmark enhances revenue cycle performance (for example, improved cash flow, improved turnaround on billing, or increased collections). More than one benefit might be applicable to each benchmark. Your post should demonstrate how improvements in these metrics relate to the overall goals of the revenue cycle.

  • Decreased days in accounts receivable
  • Coder productivity
  • Reduction of encounters that are Discharged, No Final Bill (DNFB)
  • Decrease in Wrong Medical Record Number Assignments
  • Decreased turnaround on discharge deficiency analysis (missing documentation)
  • Implementation of point-of-service collections
  • Decreased rejections or denials

use external sources to help you formulate your discussion post, be sure to include citations for those sources

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