1. Mechanics of the Professional Paper include:
    1. Times New Roman size 12 typeface (font) double spaced with 1-inch margins
    2. No abstract
    3. Correct APA format
    4. Correct spelling, apostrophe use, grammar, paragraphing, and sentence structure
    5. Contents must include Title Page, body of the paper (500600 words including Introduction, two Main Points from your Professional Paper Worksheet outline, and Conclusion), and References page.
    6. Two Main Points and Conclusion should be Level 1 headings. No Level 2 headings are needed for this short paper.

References should only include your Hood textbook and the assigned article for the competency

Hood (2014). Leddy & Pepper’s conceptual bases of professional nursing (8th ed.) Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.


Introduction: patient centered care:

  • [identify and briefly define topic here]
  • [ importance to professional nursing ]

[ First Main Point ] Key attribute to patient centered care in nursing.

  • [required first sub-point ] Collaboration and team work.
  • Respect for patient needs and preferences.
  • Involvement of family and friend.

[ Second Main Point ] – Factors contributing to patient centered care in nursing


Supportive technology

  • [add more optional sub-points if needed] – Systemic measurement and feedback.


  • [ summary statement here]
  • [concluding statement ]

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