This is a very complicated lab report because I have to demonstrate lots of things and send you couple of pictures from the lab. 
Civil Engineering field: 

Lab requirements in the attachments. 

What is the lab about: 
We did a tension test on a steel bar that has 2 diameters due to its ribbed shape.
Diameter of the bar (not ribbed part) : d1= 0.4956 in
Diameter from the ribbed section : d2 = 0.530 in 

(d1+d2)/2= 0.5128 in

The objects and machines that we used in the test: 

  • Universal Testing Machine (UTM).
    Talk about the machine in details and what are the functions (Tension test and compression test).
  • Data Acquisition System.
  • Extensometer. 
  • Viner Caliper. 
  • Measuring Steel Tape.

    Please I need to contact directly with you in order to send you all the photos and demonstrate more.

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