There are three approaches to assessing life balance. #1 Assessing how well the reality of a persons life fits preconceptions of what a balanced life should be. #2 Assessing how balanced people think their own life is. #3 Assessing which lifestyle mixes yield the most happiness. In theory,these approaches can yield quite different results, and the available evidence shows that they also do so in practice.In case of conflict, there are good arguments for favoring the last approach, but the policy process is best served with making the difference is explicit.

  1. Consider the three different meanings for the term life balance that are presented in your textbook (Conclusion section in Chapter 4 of the Matuska & Christiansen text):
  1. In what way(s) are these life balance definitions similar?
  2. How do they differ from one another?
  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using each of these definitions for Life Balance research?

The attachment is a summary of the chapter, I just need it rewritten so all the above questions are answered in order.


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