The principle assigned is  Principle #2  “Nurses work together to promote patient well-being” (College of Nurses of Ontario, 2019, p. 6).


Research Activity

Individual and professional nursing obligations are expressed in the principles of the College of Nurses (CNO, 2019), Code of conduct for nurses. It is important for nurses to understand these principles to uphold safe nursing care for the people of Ontario. In this library module, the student will explore one of these principles in more depth.  



Instructions for completing the Research Activity in the Virtual Library Module


  • Students will be organized into groups and the group will be assigned a specific principle from the Code of conduct for nurses [CNO, 2019].
  • Please click on the Virtual Library Module link and work through the module as directed. In the last section of the module called, 
  • Research Activity, 
  • each student will be directed to find an article related to the group’s principle [CNO,2019]. Each article must be different.
  • Use the RADAR tool to describe why this article was chosen.
  • Discuss the importance of the assigned principle in upholding safe nursing care and use the selected article to support your discussion (no more than one page double spaced, excluding the title page and reference page).
  • The assignment will be no longer than one page.
  • Each assignment will have a title page, integrity pledge, a reference list and will be formatted in APA 7th edition.
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