Write a 200-300 words on each discussion questions.

Discussion 1: Consider the following scenario: Lee Memorial Hospital is a 150-bed hospital that primarily serves an upper middle-class community in the Midwest. The board of trustees recently appointed a young, energetic, technologically-savvy CEO to replace the old CEO, who retired after a 20-year stint. Since then, the hospital has been abuzz with rumors about new information systems being planned, starting with the finance and accounting department.

Sally and Joe have worked in the accounting department for 12 and 15 years, respectively. During their lunch breaks over the past 2 weeks, they have communicated their concerns with you, regarding the need for new systems, asking: “Why is all this necessary? Doesn’t everything work fine as it is? Sure, there are some redundancies, but why fix things if they aren’t broken? What does this mean to our jobs?”

As the manager of the department, how would you respond to their questions?

Please support your response with a supporting reference.

Discussion 2: The new CEO sent an e-mail to all departments, stating that there will be four hospital-wide staff meetings scheduled to acquaint employees with the hospital’s future plans. How do you think the CEO should best address staff about the forthcoming changes to the hospital’s information systems? Defend your ideas. Please support your response with a supporting reference.

Discussion 3: Conduct a short mini-survey of your nonmedical practitioner friends and family (four or five individuals) using the following questions:

1.Do they utilize the Internet to seek out health care information?

2.Do any of them think health care information obtained from the Internet caused them more concern about the symptoms they experienced than they would have otherwise experienced without using this resource?

3.Did information found on the Internet affect their decision in addressing a specific health issue confronting them or someone for whom they are responsible?

4.Did your mini-survey indicate that health care information gleaned from the Internet has the potential to drive overutilization of health care resources?

Provide a summary of your overall mini-survey in regards to the above questions. Please cite resources to validate or clarify respondent responses as appropriate.

Discussion 4: Describe several elements of the supply chain systems. Is it your conviction that the elements you chose do or do not improve efficiencies within the health care environment? Please state why or why not and support your response with two references.

***Book used is: Adaptive Health Management Information Systems: Concepts, Cases, and Practical Applications by: Joseph Tan and Fay Cobb Payton. You can find the book in google scholar.

For discussion 1 & 2 the reading is over chapters 3 and 4. For discussion 3 & 4 the reading is over chapter 5 and 6. I hope this helps. Here is the link just in case (hopefully it works): https://books.google.de/books?hl=en&lr=&id=Z3-f8pp

I have also attached the lecture notes for the discussion.

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