Nursing NR510 Leadership and Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse APN Professional Development PlanGuidelines with Scoring RubricPurposeThe purpose of this application is to provide the student an opportunity to explore the role of theadvanced practice nurse (APN) and develop an APN professional development plan. Course OutcomesThrough this assignment, the student will demonstrate the ability to:CO1: Synthesize knowledge and concepts from advanced practice nursing with supportingdisciplines as a foundation for APN/specialty nurse practitioner practice that is culturallycompetent and population-specific (PO #1).CO3: Assimilate primary care competencies into APN/specialty nurse practitioner practicethat exemplify professional values, scholarship, service, and culturally competent globalawareness and support ongoing professional and personal development. (PO #5)CO5: Contribute to the body of advanced practice nursing knowledge through participationin systematic inquiry, utilization of evidence-based practice, and dissemination of findings tosupport high-quality care and healthcare innovation. (PO #9)CO9: Evaluate strategies for contract negotiation, CV/resume writing, credentialing, nationalboard certification, hospital privileges, and reimbursement (PO #8).CO 10: Develop visionary leadership skills that combine best evidence with nursingexpertise to support quality improvement, safety, and change across healthcareorganizations and systems (PO #1, 3, 8, and 9).CO 11: Differentiate leadership strategies that strengthen interprofessional collaboration andincorporate an ethic of care, values, and ethical principles into the role of the nurse leaderacross healthcare organizations and systems (PO #2, 4, 5, 6, and 7). Due Date: Sunday 11:59 p.m. MT at the end of Week 7Total Points Possible: 200REQUIREMENTS:To complete this application, you will need to access to the following databases: CINAHL,MEDLINE, Cochrane Library, and the Joanna Briggs Institute. You may access thesedatabases through the Chamberlain College of Nursing Online Library.2. The APN Professional Development Plan paper is worth 200 points and will be graded onquality of information, use of citations, use of Standard English grammar, sentence1. 1 Chamberlain College of Nursing NR510 Leadership and Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse structure, and overall organization based on the required components as summarized in thedirections and grading criteria/rubric.3. Create your manuscript using Microsoft Word 2007 (a part of Microsoft Office 2007), which is the required format for all Chamberlain College of Nursing documents. You can tell thatthe document is saved as a MS Word 2007 document because it will end in .docx4. Follow the directions and grading criteria closely. Any questions about this paper may be posted under the Q & A Forum.5. The length of the paper is to be no less than 6 and no greater than 8 pages excluding title page and reference pages.6. APA (2010) format is required with both a title page and reference page. Use the required components of the review as Level 1 headers (upper and lower case, centered):a.b.c.d.e. Introduction to the APN professional development planAPN Scope of PracticePersonal AssessmentNetworking and Marketing StrategiesConclusion PREPARING THE PAPERThe following are best practices for preparing this paper:1. Review Chapter 30- Role Transition: Strategies for Success in the Marketplace inDeNisco and Barker (2015).2. Nurse practitioners need to take into account the state rules and regulations that guideadvanced practice. Research and review the Nurse Practice Act and APN scope of practiceguidelines in your particular state. Identify information regarding educational requirements,licensure and regulatory requirements, as well as practice environment details. Reviewinformation regarding full, limited, or restricted practice limitations as well as prescriptiveauthority.3. Review Guidelines for APN Role Transition Using Benners Self-Assessment Tool in CourseResources. Prior to engaging in pursuit for employment, APNs should complete acomprehensive, honest, affirmative personal assessment to identify their strengths andweaknesses as well as their goals and objectives. Research assessment tools, conduct apersonal assessment, and reflect upon your strengths, weaknesses, goals, and objectives.4. To complete the transition from students to expert nurse practitioners working in thehealthcare field, graduating APN students will need to secure their first position. Researchlocal and national professional organizations that advertise employment opportunities forAPNs. Identify networking and marketing strategies and provide a rationale for yourselections.5. Write your Curriculum Vitae (CV). Refer to the template on pages 772-773 in DeNisco andBarker (2015). Your CV should not exceed 2 pages in length.6. When concluding the paper, summarize important aspects of the APN professionaldevelopment plan.CategoryIntroductionto the APNprofessional Points20 %10% DescriptionIntroduces the purpose of the paper and addresses allbackground information elements (who, what, where,when, and why) for the APN professional development 2 Chamberlain College of Nursingdevelopment plan NR510 Leadership and Role of the Advanced Practice Nurseplan. APN Scopeof Practice 35 18% Provide detailed information regarding education,licensure, and regulatory requirements, as well aspractice environment details. Include informationregarding full, limited, or restricted practice limitations aswell as prescriptive authority. PersonalAssessment 25 12% Perform a personal assessment and reflect upon yourstrengths, weaknesses, goals, and objectives. NetworkingandMarketingStrategies 25 12% Provide detailed information regarding local and nationalprofessional organizations that advertise employmentopportunities for APNs. Identify networking andmarketing strategies and provide a rationale for yourselections CurriculumVitae 35 18% Provide accurate information regarding the nursepractitioners abilities, skills, and accomplishments. Conclusion 20 10% An effective conclusion identifies the main ideas andmajor conclusions from the body of your manuscript.Minor details should not be included. Summarizeimportant aspects of the APN professional developmentplan. Clarity ofwriting 20 10% Use of standard English grammar and sentencestructure. No spelling errors or typographical errors.Organized around the required components usingappropriate headers. APA format 20 10% All information taken from another source, even ifsummarized, must be appropriately cited in themanuscript and listed in the references using APA (6thed.) format:1. Document setup2. Title and reference pages3. Citations in the text and references. Total 200 100 A quality assignment will meet or exceed all of the aboverequirements. 3 Chamberlain College of Nursing NR510 Leadership and Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse GRADING RUBRICExceptionalAssignment Criteria Outstanding orhighest level ofperformance ExceedsVery good or high levelof performance MeetsSatisfactory levelof performance Needs Improvement Developing Poor or failing levelof performance Unsatisfactory levelof performance 16 Points 8 Points 0 Points Basic informationand/or limitedelementsaddressedregarding APNprofessionaldevelopmentplan and/orinappropriateemphasis on anarea. Little or very generalintroduction of APNprofessionaldevelopment plan.Little to no originalexplanation;inappropriateemphasis on anarea. 28 Points 13 Points 0 Points Lacking detailedinformationregarding education, Did not provideinformationregarding education, ContentPossible Points = 130 Points Introduction to the APNprofessional developmentplan APN Scope of Practice 20 PointsExcellentintroduction of APNprofessionaldevelopment plan.Rationale is wellpresented andpurpose fullydeveloped. 35 PointsProvided detailedinformationregarding education, NR510 Directions & Rubric.docx revised 11/16 18 PointsGood introduction ofAPN professionaldevelopment plan.Rationale is presentedand purpose provided. 31 PointsProvided someinformation regardingeducation, licensure, Provided nonstate specificinformation No introduction ofAPN professionaldevelopment planprovided. 4 Chamberlain College of Nursing NR510 Leadership and Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse licensure, andregulatoryrequirements, aswell as practiceenvironment detailsper the studentsstate. Includedinformationregarding full,limited, or restrictedpractice limitationsas well asprescriptiveauthority. Personal Assessment and regulatoryrequirements, as wellas practiceenvironment details perthe students state.Included informationregarding full, limited,or restricted practicelimitations as well asprescriptive authority. regardingeducation,licensure, andregulatoryrequirements, aswell as practiceenvironmentdetails. Includedinformationregarding full,limited, orrestrictedpracticelimitations as wellas prescriptiveauthority. licensure, regulatoryrequirements, orpracticeenvironment.Missing informationregarding practicelimitations and/orprescriptiveauthority. 25 Points 22 Points 20 Points 10 Points 0 Points Provided detailedinformation followinga personalassessment andreflected uponstrengths,weaknesses, goals,and objectives. Provided some detailedinformation following apersonal assessmentand reflected uponsome of the strengths,weaknesses, goals,and objectives. Provided somedetailedinformationfollowing apersonalassessment.Missed providingreflection uponstrengths,weaknesses,goals, orobjectives. Provided informationfollowing a personalassessment, but didnot reflect uponstrengths,weaknesses, goals,or objectives. Did not provide apersonalassessment and didnot reflect uponpersonal strengths,weaknesses, goals,or objectives. NR510 Directions & Rubric.docx revised 11/16 licensure, andregulatoryrequirements, aswell as practiceenvironment detailsper the studentsstate. Not provideinformationregarding full,limited, or restrictedpractice limitationsas well asprescriptiveauthority. 5 Chamberlain College of NursingNetworking and MarketingStrategies Curriculum Vitae NR510 Leadership and Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse25 Points 22 Points 20 Points 10 Points 0 Points Provided detailedinformationregarding local andnational professionalorganizations thatadvertiseemploymentopportunities forAPNs. Identifiednetworking andmarketing strategiesand provide arationale for theirselections. Provided some detailedinformation regardinglocal and nationalprofessionalorganizations thatadvertise employmentopportunities for APNs.Identified networkingand marketingstrategies and providea rationale for theirselections. Providedinformation butlacked specificdetails regardinglocal and nationalprofessionalorganizationsthat advertiseemploymentopportunities forAPNs. Identifiednetworking andmarketingstrategies andprovide arationale for theirselections. Provided informationregardingprofessionalorganizations thatadvertiseemploymentopportunities, butmissed providinginformationregardingnetworking andmarketing strategiesand/or a rationale fortheir selections. Did not providedetailed informationregarding local andnational professionalorganizations thatadvertiseemploymentopportunities forAPNs. Did notidentify networkingand marketingstrategies or providea rationale. 35 Points 31 Points 28 Points 13 Points 0 Points Provided minimaldetail. Missing 4 ormore key elements.Contains 1-2typographical errors. Information providedwas inaccurate andvague. Contains 3 ormore typographicalerrors. Did notprovide curriculumvitae. Provided detailedinformation whichincludeddemographics,education,professionalemployment,licensure andcertification, NR510 Directions & Rubric.docx revised 11/16 Provided detailedinformation. Missing 12 key elements. Freefrom typographicalerrors. Providedmoderatelydetailedinformation.Missing 3 keyelements. Freefromtypographicalerrors. 6 Chamberlain College of Nursing NR510 Leadership and Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse professional honors,research,scholarship, andservice. Free fromtypographical errors.Conclusion 20 Points 18 Points 16 Points 8 Points 0 Points Excellent summaryof APN professionaldevelopment plan.Conclusions are wellevidenced and fullydeveloped. Good summary of APNprofessionaldevelopment plan.Conclusions aresupported by evidenceand developed. Basic and/orlimited summaryregarding APNprofessionaldevelopmentplan. Little or no summaryof APN professionaldevelopment plan;inappropriateemphasis on anarea. No summary of APNprofessionaldevelopment planand/or conclusionswere provided. _____of 160points Content Subtotal FormatPossible Points = 40PointsClarity of Writing 20 PointsExcellent use of standardEnglish showing originalthought. No spelling orgrammar errors. Wellorganized with proper flowof meaning. NR510 Directions & Rubric.docx revised 11/16 18 Points 16 Points Good use ofstandard Englishshowing originalthought. Nomore than twospelling orgrammar errors. Some evidenceof ownexpression andcompetent use oflanguage. Nomore than threespelling or 8 PointsLanguage needsdevelopment. Fouror more spellingand/or grammarerrors. Poorlyorganized thoughtsand concepts. 0 PointsMore than sixspelling and/orgrammar errors.Poorly organizedthoughts andconcepts 7 Chamberlain College of Nursing NR510 Leadership and Role of the Advanced Practice NurseWell organizedwith proper flowof meaning. APA Format grammar errors.Well organizedthoughts andconcepts. 20 Points 18 Points 16 Points APA format, grammar,spelling, and/or punctuationare accurate, or with zeroto one errors. Two to fourerrors in APAformat, grammar,spelling, andsyntax noted. Five to sevenerrors in APAformat, grammar,spelling, andsyntax noted. Format Subtotal Total Points NR510 Directions & Rubric.docx revised 11/16 8 Points Eight to nine errorsin APA format,grammar, spelling,and syntax noted. 0 Points Post containsgreater than tenerrors in APA format,grammar, spelling,and/or punctuationor repeatedly makesthe same errors afterfaculty feedback._____of 40 points __of 200 points

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