Kimberly Morris    3 posts   Re: Topic 7 DQ 1  Proper dissemination of an evidence-based practice project is key to its success. While evidence-based practices are continually being developed and studied, the results may not be looked at if not given attention by the right people (Harris, et al., 2011). That is what makes it so important to know who the information is given to. In my evidence-based practice project the internal method of disseminating my work will be to discuss it with the staff at the Calhoun County Public Health Department (CCPHD). This is the facility I will be targeting when it comes to discussing changes in lead levels in children. They will be able to review the material and discuss it to see if there are any practice changes or education which needs to happen with their client base after the material is given to them. When talking with CCPHD I would have a better chance of discussing things with them face to face. This would make things more personal and it would allow for questions to be answered.  The external method I would use to help facilitate in disseminating my material would be the Michigan Department of Public Health. I could present the information to them at a State level to see if they may be interested in any practice changes. There is a rather large push in the State regarding lead as there has been so much exposure since the Flint Water Crisis, any new and relevant information regarding lead and its health effects would be welcome. I believe initially I would start with an email in order to communicate with the State of Michigan hoping for a response which could lead to a meeting with those involved in the State Lead Program.  Reference  Harris, J., Cheadle, A., Hannon, P., Forehand, M., Lichiello, P., Mahoney, E., …Yarrow, J. (2011). A  framework for disseminating evidence-based health promotion practices. Prev Chronic Dis,  2012;9:110081. DOI:

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