We are considering four different issues in Health Care Ethics:

 â€¢ Voluntary Active Euthanasia 

• Procured Abortion 

• Reproduction and Technology 

• Genetics and Technology 

(1) Read all articles from the four issues (the readings are short)

 (2) Choose one of the four issues of Health Care Ethics to focus on in your paper (3) Choose an argument from your choice of any one of the articles from the issue of Health Care Ethic you chose. The argument you choose must significantly relate to one of the four issues listed above. 

(4) Present the context of that argument both with respect to: (a) One of the four issues listed above, explaining how the argument is relevant to that issue; and (b) The article itself, stating how that argument is related to the author’s thesis and aims. 

(5) Layout the argument clearly and concisely, explaining the motivation and support for each premise and how the conclusion is supposed to follow from the premises. Numbered premises are fine, but optional. 

(6) Consider an objection to the argument you chose. Be clear in your explanation about how your argument is subject to the objection. 

(7) Consider and answer a possible response to the objection you considered. This response might either come from the article itself, other class materials, or it could be one that you think would be strong response to your objection. In your answer to the possible response you consider, explain how your objection still stands. 

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