1. Is the link between purchasing behavior and color a strong relationship? The color the business entity adopts plays a crucial role in ensuring attraction of the customer as well as retaining them (Bellizzi and Robert 348).
2. Does age of the target clients affect the type of the color to be used? (Beneke 55) From the above illustration it is a positive relation between the age and the type of the color. The young people are associated with energetic color such as red, which implicates them to the urgency of working more.
3. The relationship between color and the type of the business? Business chose the color depending on the types of the activities they engage in (Chebat and Maureen 190).
4. Colors affect customer perception of corporate brand recognition
Ideal customer image indicates the way a brand provides value to generate sympathy. However, consumers pursue their own ideal customer image which varies among genders or ages Chang W , Lin H (2010).
5. Colors affect customer emotion
Colors influence human psychology and emotion. For instance, the change of warm to cold colors results in different feelings such as summer or winter. Colors result in consumer perception and cause emotional reaction Chang W , Lin H (2010).
6. Colors affect customer perception for brand identity
This is to measure brand perception through colors, which is also the level of brand recognition from the customer perspective Chang W , Lin H (2010).

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