Interaction Design Assignment

Budio (2014) Scaling User Interfaces: An Information-Processing Approach to Multi-Device Design states that “Designing for all screen sizes must consider the capacity of the human–device communication channel, which depends on users’ memory, device portability, and screen size.”

Your task is to design a high fidelity multimedia prototype that takes into consideration the current key issues for interaction designers including cognitive psychology, design principles, methodologies and evaluation techniques. The accompanying report should explain in detail the development process and critical evaluation of the final high fidelity prototype produced.

The high fidelity prototype mobile website that will run on either a phone or tablet and will provide a welcome to London city, for tourists. ( User group)might be family, children ) The tourist should be able to see: local landmarks, places of interest, shopping, medical centre(s), places to eat and any other information you think a tourist would need during their stay in your chosen location.

You need to:

Investigate current issues in mobile design and explain how the main results from your research feed into your final design.
Critically discuss the key issues in cognitive psychology in relation to mobile website design and how these will feed into the development of your prototype.
Critically evaluate the types of multimedia you could use for your prototype and fully justify the ones you choose.
Fully justify the design principals and methodologies used.
Create and evaluate a high level prototype, using software of your choice that allows your client to view sufficient scenarios that would enable them to decide whether to fund the project further.

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