Integrating theory and practice
Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Critical reflection is an extension of �critical thinking� and requires students to think about their practice and to examine their thinking by asking probing questions. Critical reflection moves beyond examining past situations and moves forward to apply theoretical knowledge to the future. In this assignment students must ;
� choose one of the case world scenarios used in this topic to develop a written piece of work that demonstrates their capacity to critically analyse a patient situation.
� consider the following theoretical perspectives : pathophysiology, relevant pharmacology, anatomy and physiology best practice, inter-professional roles in patient centred care, lifespan and psychosocial issues and choose four (4) perspectives, from the chosen case world scenario for extended discussion within your assignment.
� demonstrate the capacity to think critically and relate theoretical concepts to clinical practice.
� use the following headings in the structure of their paper:

� Purpose of this paper.
� Introduce the patient, and the scenario.
� Introduce the four chosen perspectives discussed in this paper.

Extended discussions of each of the four (4) chosen perspectives. How does theoretical knowledge of the four perspectives inform and support decisions made in clinical practice.
� Theoretical foundation of the chosen perspective
� Identify objective & subjective data
� Provide a brief rationale for each of the perspectives identified.
� How does the theory influence and inform care provided
� Demonstrate integration of knowledge to care provided:
o eg. best practice, patient centred care, pharmacology, inter-professional roles, lifespan and psychosocial issues, pathophysiology.
� Demonstrate understanding of the importance of Evidence Based Practice in nursing practice,
� demonstrate capacity to think critically and link theoretical concepts with clinical practice

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