Discussion Prompts or Questions:

Based on your reading of the article below, discuss benefits would a student such as yourself gain from enhanced information literacy?  Be sure to include information from the article in your discussion.

How would enhanced library search knowledge assist you in your current position as an RN?

Describe a data base, other than CINHAL Complete,  from the library site that would be useful to you when searching for an article related to a course assignment.


Click on the link below to access the journal article.

Enhancing RN to BSN Students’ Information Literacy Skills….pdf





  1. Answer the discussion question
  2. Make your initial post by 23:59 EST Wednesday of Week 2.
  3. Respond to two other classmates’ posts prior to 11:59 PM EST Sunday.

Grading Rubric

Your assignment will be graded according to the Discussion Board grading rubric.  Click on the link below.

RN to BSN Weekly Discussions Guidelines & Grading Rubric (3).docx


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