The population of New York City is expected to increase by 1.1 million people by the year 2030. Increasing the capacity of the subway system is crucial to this growth.

You will analyze passenger loading and capacity on the cars of the New York Subway system using at least three techniques learned in class. You will use operations strategy and design to recommend how to increase train capacity utilization.

In essence, you are serving as a management consultant who specializes in quantitative techniques to help the transit system.

The first step is to create a proposal that describes:

  1. Objectives
  2. Scope
  3. Expected Results

This proposal, which should be two pages in length. Assume that there are other consultants that want this work, so your proposal must convince the organization that your consultant team is the one that it should use.

We will then assume that your proposal is accepted. You will then analyze the business process and develop recommendations for improving the process.

Your presentation must be between 15 and 20 minutes in length. PowerPoint slides are required.

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