In attempt to set up a work breakdown structure for the class, I decided to break it down by each week we have and will encounter. I felt that this approach would ensure that each of the weekly requirements were being completed, prior to moving onto the next section . It will be interesting to post this and read about how other people perceive and develop their own WBS compared to my own understanding. While I think this assignment certainly helps to get the concept of what this structure is, I can see that it will play a key role in my practicum project with regards to the construction portion of the project. According to Baum & Benjamin (2017) utilizing a WBS during remodeling can keep a project on time and save costs as it serves as a communication tool and can help close communication gaps.

Below find a WBS for this class and all of its activities

  1. Week 1 1.1 Initial Learning agreement 1.2 PICOT Worksheet 1.3 Scholarly articles/research 1.4 Complete Self Assessment 1.5 CGE Project Introduction 1.6 Review Phase 1 1.7 Submit Practicum Log
  2. Week 22.1 Read required Chapters2.2 Project Scope2.3 Project Charter2.4 Research Scholarly articles2.5 Aspects of Project management TD2.6 Phase 1 – Swot Analysis2.7 Practicum Log
  3. Week 33.1 Read Required Chapters3.2 Research Scholarly articles3.3 Literature Review3.4 Change Theory in Project management TD3.5 Phase 1 Appendix G3.6 Practicum log
  4. Week 4 4.1 Read Required Articles 4.2 Research Scholarly articles 4.3 Communication plan 4.4 Communication in Project management TD 4.5 Turn in SWOT Analysis/Appendix G 4.6 Practicum Log
  5. Week

5.1 Read Required Article

5.2 Research Scholarly articles

5.3 Complete Deliverables/CSF 5.4 Resources in Project Management 5.5 Review Phase 2 5.6 Practicum Log

6. Week 6

6.1 Read Required Articles 6.2 Research Scholarly articles 6.3 Work Breakdown Structure 6.4 Planning and Scheduling TD 6.5 Turn in Phase 2 Appendix B 6.6 Practicum Log

7. Week 7 7.1 Read Required Articles 7.2 Research Scholarly articles 7.3 Risk Management and Human resources Management 7.4 Controlling Risks and Project budgets 7.5 Controlling Risks and Project Budgets TD 7.6 Review Phase 3 7.8 Practicum Log8. Week 8 8.1 Read Required Articles 8.2 Research Scholarly articles 8.3 Mid-CGE Learning agreement 8.4 CGE Portfolio Part 1 8.5 Wrapping CGE Part 1 Collabortation Cafe 8.6 Mentor Evaluation 8.7 Turn in Phase 3 8.8 Practicum Log

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