Impact of Organization Changes and leadership in organization goals

Please be aware that The following subject is political psychology. An interdisciplinary assignment
1. Essay title (Critically examine the contribution of cognitive psychology theoretical approaches to our understanding of racism”
1) Essay structure
• Introduction (312 words)
• Thesis (50 Words)
• Roadmap (224)
• 4 positive and negative points (findings) given by authors OR scholars each (313 words) 1st point +(for) by author, (against) 2nd – by author, 3rd +(for) by author, 4th (against) by author. Which 4×313 = 1252 words.
• An anti-thesis of the findings in other terms a critical discussion of (350 words).
• Finally, conclusion (312 words) however a summarised conclusion should be included in the introduction. Therefore, the introduction and conclusion should be linked.

2) Use the following theory: schemata theory which was by Jean piaget the following link facilitates the understanding of racism or knowledge process.

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