·      The presentation should include the following: 

                  Please Only answer question 5!

1  Documentation of the event (video, newspaper article, social media post). Must come from reputable source such as local and network news, reputable newspapers (such as but no limited to Inquirer, NY Times, WSJ, etc.) magazines (TIME, Newsweek etc.). Reports from reputable agencies such as the CDC, FDA, WHO, UN, etc.). If unsure, consult with faculty. (2 point)

2  Explain the event and relate to global health and how it affects the US (5 points)

3  Relate the event to one of the Sustainable Development Goals. (3 points)

4   How does event affect the care of the nurse at the bedside? (5 point)

5   Does the event line up with any of the Critical Concerns of Mercy? (1 point)

6   Generate class discussion, provide questions which stimulate critical thinking and problem solving (4 points)




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