Illustrate legal principles and laws that affect professional and administrative decisions found in health care services.
Unit outcome(s) addressed in this Assignment:

Evaluate reasons for sound corporate compliance and penalties for failure to comply
Compare and contrast abuse and fraud in the health care settings
Discuss how Qui Tam lawsuits impact the health care industry
Course outcome assessed/addressed in this Assignment:

HA525-1: Illustrate legal principles and laws that affect professional and administrative decisions found in health care services.

HA525-2: Analyze conflict between cost, access, and quality of care as it relates to legal parameters.

HA525-3: Evaluate inherent limitations to the delivery of health care due to legal mandates.

HA525-4: Contrast the roles of legislatures, regulators, and the courts in health care services.

HA525-5: Evaluate how the law of contract and malpractice mold health care delivery.


Much of this course is dedicated to educating you, the student, about compliance with quality standards. It is important to understand that compliance extends to every phone call, computer entry, claim submission, patient contact, visit, provider interaction, nursing care and so on. For this, your Final project, you will prepare a report about the role of the Joint Commission (JC).

To begin, please visit the Joint Commission website:

Source: The Joint Commission: The Joint Commission. Retrieved from

Additional research will be necessary. Please visit the KU library for your research.

Part I

Write an essay discussing the following:
The role of the Joint Commission in accrediting medical facilities
Which facilities can be accredited?
What are the goals of the Commission?
How do existing Joint Commission guidelines impact facilities that are not accredited by the Commission?
What does it mean to a facility to be accredited by the Joint Commission?
Is it mandatory for organizations to be accredited by the Joint Commission? If not, what impact does not having such accreditation mean in terms of reimbursement?
Part II

Create a memorandum where:
You are the administrator of the health information department for a medium-sized facility. You have just been informed by the compliance officer that the Joint Commission will be visiting your facility and will be focusing on your department.
Begin the memorandum by including information you believe will be important for your personnel to know to prepare for the visit.
Then, anticipate possible questions that the Commission might have for you in terms of compliance.
How will you and your department respond to these questions? How will you manage any negative findings during the visit?
Finally, discuss how current noncompliance findings can be avoided in the future in this memorandum.

Complete both part of the Assignment as follows:
Part I should cover 4–5 pages
Part II should cover 2–3 pages
Use the Joint Commission website as one source and at least two other sources for your topic — a minimum of three references total.
All formatting and references should use APA style.
Total of 8–10 pages including the title page and reference page.

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