A Literature review and report of independent study findings
Independent Study Topic Paper: submit a review paper on their selected topic (Obesity in children – An exploration of cognitive and Emotional Processes in Primary schools).
This research task requires you to examine the recent research on your chosen topic, with a focus on identifying the most current or topical research papers and examining this problem by making links to theory and practice to resolve your research aims.
Obesity in Children – An Exploration of Cognitive and Emotional Processes
These are the questions that need to be answered – 2000 words.
• The research issue that I am addressing is how obesity may effect a child’s cognitive and emotional process in primary schools.
• Identify and describe the obesity problem in primary school and how it is effecting their cognitive and emotional development.
• A convincing rational that obesity IS affecting children cognitively and emotionally.
• Reference educational or schooling context to which the problem applies.

• Review, synthesis and evaluate of current educational psychology research and writing in how children cognitive and emotional development is affected due to their obesity.
• Review several examples of research that address the obesity issue
• Identify the theory and findings emerging from this research – backing up our research.

• Critically discuss the research problem (Obesity in children – An exploration of cognitive and Emotional Processes in Primary schools) in light of this review
• Consider new insights, changes to practices in primary schools, possible resolutions for this problem and/or further problems that may be raised by this review.

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