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Maximum of 2000 words and relate to the weekly readings and lectures. Based on some of the ideas raised in the article below, write a paper that integrates concepts and ideas discussed in the lectures. In writing your paper you are encouraged to explore your own ideas but some examples of questions that you could address include: ‘Do you agree with how the journalist covered the topic? What are examples of theory and/or empirical research which do or do not support some of the ideas raised in the paper?’, ‘Is high self-esteem essential for well-being?’

The essay should:
1. Identify a specific social issue that is central in the social artefact chosen;

2. Discuss the identified issue in its broader context, at the same time integrating relevant theoretical perspectives covered in the unit;

3. Use relevant research and theory to build a logical argument and discussion

4. Suggest possible directions for future research

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