egal, Ethical, and/or Professional Case Review for Week 4

Identify a Legal, Ethical, and/or Professional Dilemma relevant for integrated care settings related to one of the following topics: special populations (e.g.: elderly, minors, LGBTQIA2, ethnic or cultural minorities, religion or spiritual considerations/groups, signficantly disenfranchised populations/groups).

Identify differing professionals or ethical lenses for the dilemma to be viewed through.

Write a short 1-2 page summary (not including title or reference pages) addressing the following headings: Introduction of the Dilemma, How the Dilemma is Typically Addressed, and How the Dilemma Is Handled with Shared Decision Making

Legal, Ethical, and/or Professional Case Review Rubric





Paper Structure/Writing Style

Length (not including title and reference pages)

References: Minimum of 2 references

Length: 1-2 pages, not including title and reference pages

References are integrated throughout paper to support/provide justification for student critique.

Cited primary sources and included course texts

Included title and reference page

(1 point)

One of the below is met:

Length: 3-4 pages

Integrated references with limited rationale so that literature does not clearly support student opinion. Citations consist of mostly secondary sources

Did not include title or reference page

(.5 point)

Length: More than 4 pages

No references

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