Health Science Human and Social Dimension

Dr. M. L. Holt

Application #8

Morgan State University


Dayna, who is a high school student, recently went to the doctor and was diagnosed with type II diabetes. She was told more kids her age were being diagnosed with the disease. The doctor told Dayna that she must start eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking less sugary beverages, and exercise on a daily basis or else she will be at risk of developing serious health problems from having diabetes. Apparently Dayna doesn’t’t know where to buy fruits and vegetables because the corner store she visits every day before and after school only sells candy, soda, and alcohol, and she does not want to exercise outside because there has been a lot of violence in her neighborhood.


As Danya’s friend you are going to try to provide her with information about various agencies (reference Lecture 2) that may be able to help her deal with the issues she has been presented with. Based on the information in the lecture and doing some background research:

Identify a governmental health agency, Quasi-Governmental Organizations, and a Nongovernment Health Agencies that Dayna can go to for help

For each identified organization you should provide a 3 to 4 sentence explanation of how the organization could specifically help Dayna

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